Viral egg

Are eggs really bad for you?

So, if you have been following the news recently, you may have read about the new study showing that egg consumption is significantly related to the risk of cardiovascular disease and death. Media have reported it as two eggs a day increases your risk of dying. But what is up with that? Nutritional epidemiology is famously difficult. There is an endless number of confounding factors needed to be taken into account. Previous studies have highlighted the importance of a good overall diet. Some have even pointed to the beneficial impact of eggs in the diet. So should we be worried? Let us look at the new paper. First, it is done in the US. Americans generally have a much higher intake of cholesterol than most. And looking at the study data, egg consumption actually only accounted for 25% of the cholesterol intake, compared to the 42% contributed to by meat consumption. So to be clear. We know that what you eat matters. You should try to keep a healthy diet (think mediterranean) . But maybe it’s not as much the eggs you eat that matters, rather what you eat with your eggs.

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