Smart phone addiction

Are you addicted?

Addicted to your smart phone?

Use of smart phones has concerned scientists and physicians for some time. Excessive use has been linked to a number of unwanted conditions. Depression, anxiety disorder, increased risk of ocular diseases, dysfunction of the fingers. Add to that general dysfunction in daily life. Some scientists have even proposed to tax social media use like we tax tobacco smoking. But what’s your addiction level? Test yourself on the Smartphone Addiction Scale.

ItemsStrongly disagreeDisagreeWeakly disagreeWeakly agreeAgreeStrongly agree
1Missing planned work due to smartphone use123456
2Having a hard time concentrating in class, while doing assignments, or while working due to smartphone use123456
3Feeling pain in the wrists or at the back of the neck while using a smartphone123456
4Won’t be able to stand not having a smartphone123456
5Feeling impatient and fretful when I am not holding my smartphone123456
6Having my smartphone in my mind even when I am not using it123456
7I will never give up using my smartphone even when my daily life is already greatly affected by it.123456
8Constantly checking my smartphone so as not to miss conversations between other people on Twitter or Facebook123456
9Using my smartphone longer than I had intended123456
10The people around me tell me that I use my smartphone too much.123456

Your score should preferably be below 30. I do of course apologize for posting this on social media. As an alternative to taking the test I suggest asking your spouse.

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