Generation Z

Influencer marketing in pharma

Pharma has yet to pick up on influencer marketing in Europe. In the US we have seen Novartis team up with Queen Latifah, and Allergan has been working with football player (the American style) Victor Cruz. However, uptake has been slow here. Influencer marketing is especially interesting when we look at what’s referred to as generation Z – the generation after the millennials. Generation Z is characterized by a belief that their doctors too often dismiss them, and that mental, emotional and physical health is connected. They are more often seeking alternative treatment options, and maybe as a consequence of the increased individuality are often worried discussing especially mental health issues with their doctor.  And generation Z follows influencers. 90% are following at least one influencer on social media. Generally, the new social media influencers have a unique access to generation Z that is unmatched by the more traditional influencers from old media. Also a reason to maybe not use celebrities like in the Novartis and Allergan cases. Check for yourself who the popular influencers are. That provides a unique opportunity to communicate with generation Z, also about health issues. They will be looking for alternative authorities to learn about health and well-being and will also require a different approach to communication. Are you ready for the new challenge?


Illustration by Abhijit Bhaduri on Flickr

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