Pharma marketing is changing. Are you ready?

We used to have some clear objectives for our pharma marketing. Grow brand awareness, preference, and loyalty. Drive disease awareness, and drive action. What more could you want, right? But things have changed. New customer groups, such as millennials and generation Z have very different expectations and require you to rethink your approach to marketing. A key problem is that for instance millennials simply do not have trust in pharma. More than two-thirds say they distrust pharmaceutical companies. And less than 16% trust informational materials provided by the companies. They even have a very different understanding of health and see things much more holistically than previous generations. Health and wellness are considered overlapping.

That’s why you need to rethink. First of all, you have to be digital. That is where your customers are. But are you ready for digital? Your customers will compare your webpage to the pages they use every day. So make sure they are truly user-friendly, and that they are easy to use, and provide relevant knowledge without being pushy. Be authentic and have a purpose. If you are going to communicate to generation Z, you might even want to consider personalizing your offers. And of course, stay away from stereotypes. So don’t communicate to patients. Communicate with persons. To individuals. And do use the media that the young generations use. Social media. Video.

Your new objectives should be to drive engagement. To enable identification. And to build social capital.

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