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We will help you take your medtech startup to the US

Ideogen Medical Marketing partners with Scand Medpartners to help medtech startups. We are here to help you take your business to America. Therefore, if you are looking to go-to market or if you are looking for partners or investors we have the expertise and experience to help you succeed. Because we know the market, and we know the people.

Why you need to consider your US options

Scandinavian MedTech startups may be looking at their options in the US for a number of reasons. The health care market in the USA is the largest in the world, hence it should of course be of interest. There are more than 70 million surgeries performed each year, across a variety of care sites. Uptake of new technology is generally faster than in Europe, and as a consequence many new technologies are first launched in the US. Regulations also differ from Europe. There are several options to accelerate getting the FDA approval, which can certainly also help obtain CE approval.

Depending on your organization’s maturity and market readiness, looking at the right way to enter the US market may thus be a logical next step. Above all this requires a thorough understanding of the complexities involved.

We will also help you identify potential partners for your medtech startup. We can also help you find relevant investors depending on your needs. Maybe you are already considering your exit options?

Scan Medpartners and Ideogen Medical Markeketing will help you
  • Identify and analyze the US market opportunity
  • Planning the US Market Development Engagement Options
  • Develop the right value propositions to succeed 

The Market Opportunity: Developing a US Commercial Plan

  • The US Medtech Market
  • Segment analysis
  • Five forces analysis
  • Strategic Recommendations
  • US Revenue model

Planning the US Market Development and Engagement Options

  • Identify Sources of Investment
  • Develop Commercial Plan based on understanding of Market, Competitors and Capabilities
  • Identify and Manage Partner(s)
  • Identify and Manage Source(s) for Funding
Contact us to schedule an informal discussion about your key US MedTech learning questions and let’s discuss, how we can get the answers you need to move forward with your US planning
You can also contact Arne Madsen from Scan Medpartners or visit his page. Arne has more than 20 years of experience as a global business leader in medical devices and pharmaceuticals. https://scanmedpartners.com
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