The first chronological map of human health

Research have published an excellent and exiting new study in Lancet Digital Health. In the study the researches have developed case definitions for 308 different disease phenotypes and have analyzed records of 2 784 138 patients for the calculation of cumulative incidence and of 3 872 451 patients for the calculation of period prevalence and median age at diagnosis of these conditions.

This allows them to create a chronological map of human health with cumulative-incidence and period-prevalence estimates for multiple morbidities in parallel from birth to advanced age. The map also allows digging deeper into sex and race differences.

The researchers hope this will allow health care providers and policy makers to better identify individuals at risk, and to instigate strategies to detect, prevent, and manage specific conditions.

It is the first ever attempt to the human health from birth to death.

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  1. Ida Bagus Uttarayana

    with this i can more know about human health, can i share it?

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