A bomb

The trust gap is still a barrier between pharma and its customers

It’s nothing new. We have been talking about it for years. A trust gap between pharma and it’s customers – physicians, patients, payers, etc. still exists. Here’s a short and very illustrative case. A former colleague of mine is an engineer. He used to work with developing nuclear weapons. One day he came to the office and told everyone this was going to be his last day. But what are you going to do now, they asked. Well, I will be starting in pharma marketing he answered. How can you, they asked again. That’s so unethical.

So what should we do about it?  Many companies have been busy redefining their corporate brands often telling stories about how much they invest in research. Unfortunately nobody really cares. One option could be to switch to telling stories about how companies actually go about developing new drugs. All the hard work they put in, an about the failures experienced.

Today’s millennials will also have very different expectations towards how pharma should communicate. Have you considered how you should change your communication?

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