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Medical marketing for life-science and pharma

Ideogen Medical Marketing can help you get an edge in your medical marketing. Ideogen Medical marketing
is a medical marketing agency based in the Copenhagen area. If you are doing pharmaceutical marketing communication, we can help you. We work with life-science and pharma companies, and can provide you with full-service solutions to your needs. Of course, we do both digital and traditional marketing.

medical marketing should deliver great content that connects with communities

Medical marketing is about creating great medical content for communities. About combining scientific knowledge with an understanding of the market.  Pharmaceutical marketing communication should be honest, relevant, and provide knowledge. And it should have a clear edge that sets you apart. We help you find that edge.

No matter whether you are doing patient communication or communicating to health care professionals.

Good communication should be based on insights. And in how the therapeutic area is organized. That is the key to creating excellent healthcare marketing tools.

Ideogen Medical Marketing has been working in many different therapeutic areas, most likely also in your area of interest.

So get in touch today and learn how we can help you build medical marketing solutions.

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We can help you

We offer a wide range of services related to medical marketing. These include:

– Compliance assessment and analysis

– Medical writing to both patients and professionals

– Safety assessments

– Strategic consultancy

– Copy writing

– Market analysis

– Customer insights, including interviews and focus groups

– Medical translations from English or German

– Podcasts, voice-overs and speak


Have you considered using podcasts? Podcasts are an excellent tool both in your markting communication and in your internal communication. We can help you with both recording and production at competitive pricing. Here is a sample of a podcast produced for Sundhedspolitisk Tidsskrift.


Christian is a true medical marketeer. He utilizes medical insight and in-depth knowledge of market dynamics to generate activities that creates results. Christian posses a valuable insight in new media and consistently challenges the ordinary. Christian is excellent in thinking out of the box and develop innovative activities.I found great pleasure in working with Christian.
Global Medical Affairs

pharmaceutical marketing communication

Pharmaceutical marketing communication is changing fast. Partly as a consequence of the changing markets. But also as a consequence of increased digitalization. Consequently, communication about new pharmaceuticals are today much more targeted and have much smaller audiences. We see a move away from advertising towards more integrated marketing communication solutions. However, the content still needs to be of the highest quality. Interestingly, communication directly to patients has become all the more important. There is a general trend to be more patient-centric in everything we do. Inbound marketing is one way to accomplish this. But how are you prepared to deal with these changes?

find inspiration in the blog

If you click on the blog-link you will find posts related to medical marketing and to health care in general. We hope that you will find inspiration for your own work. Our aim is to provide content that you find relevant. Consequently we will appreciate any suggestions or tips for new stories that you would like to see.

You will find stories about patients and how they use new media to interact in new ways. And stories related to ongoing public debates. One such example is the post about HPV-vaccinations. You will also find posts discussing new approaches in medical marketing. Here is a post about influencer marketing. Younger generations have a very different approach to media. And both Generation Z as well as millennials may require you to reconsider your communication approach. They do, after all, represent a significant portion of both present and future customers. We will also share stories from our ongoing business in both marketing and in helping medtech startups

Generation Z

Recent projects in medical marketing

Below you will find an overview of recent projects that we have been involved with.

One customer has a novel cancer drug that has just received a new and wider indication. Consequently they need to communicate this new extension to oncologists but without jeopardizing  core business. An important part of the project is communicating the mode of action of the drug. Understanding the MoA is key in accepting the treatment for new patient groups.

Another customer is trying to move from allergy to asthma. Hence they want to develop an e-learning solution to educate HCPs about asthma, bringing new knowledge. This means focusing on novel approaches such as pheno- and endotyping patients. Even today too many asthma patients are left with sub-optimal treatment and are still uncontrolled.

Staying with atopic diseases, a customer wants to challenge physicians’ perceptions about topical steroid use for atopic dermatitis. Many physicians are still reluctant to use steroids on what are considered sensible areas of the body. But what is a sensible skin area?

For another customer we are currently doing old school medical marketing. Writing a product monograph for their key product. While you may think that monographs are a thing of the past, they still matter in some markets. Again, knowing your market is key in doing good medical marketing.

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